About our company

Our story

In the heart of the blooming nature of the Sharon, around a luxurious swimming pool, we established Tropical Garden – outdoor events, a location for events and fun days and gatherings in the atmosphere of a luxurious resort immersed in green nature reflected in the blue waters of the pool

Thanks to green trees, spacious lawns, a design of a tropical resort that combines natural bamboo, palm umbrellas that surround the complex, a huge thin wooden stage with alternative furniture in shades of brown and white, a visit at our place is like a small jump to Bora Bora or the Maldives, only without signing a passport in the terminal

Every detail has been planned and designed to create for you the perfect event , Tropical Garden is suitable for private events such as bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays and boutique weddings and on the other hand the perfect complex for companies’ fun days and gathering

The unique pastoral combines with an open kitchen designed as a tropical track pod, a huge pool and green lawns that complete the picture and make every event an unforgettable experience.

Tropical Garden – Events in Teva has a valid business license and comprehensive insurance, a huge free parking lot adjacent to the complex, toilets and showers.